Tips for use of SPARKULAR:

Always remember to clear material
Please do remember to clear material both before and after the show. The heating place of of sparkular is between a narrow gap between shaft and heating chamber. This part is quite narrow, there are always some material remains in this part after we use machine, if not cleared clean after use, it is easily cause block.

Remove remaining consumables in feeding hopper
Always remember to remove the remaining consumables in feeding hopper before we move the machine. When we move the SPARKULAR, the material in the feeding hopper will fall to the feeding shaft, this is also a hidden trouble which leads to the block of machine.
Always remember to remove the remaining consumables in feeding hopper if not use SPARKULAR for some period of time. Consumables HC8200 is afraid of moisture.

Keep consumables dry and sealed
Keep opened consumable HC8200 or remained HC8200 collect from feeding hopper stored in dry and seal bottle to avoid oxidize and moisture. Oxidize will leads to the lack of spark or even no spark; moisture makes the metal granules aggregates, leads to the block of machine or firing aggregated consumable, which is very dangerous cause those aggregates consumable ball can’t quench in short time.

Safety considerations:

  • Never touch the nozzle of SPARKULAR, danger of getting burnt.
  • Never touch the sparks which shooting out from the nozzle. There are lots of supplier claims as cold spark, but be aware it is not really cold, please avoid touch of those sparks. Especially for the large sized granules.
  • Cover of nozzle of SPARKULAR is prohibited.
  • Keep audience, animals or flammable objects with a safety distance, which can be find on the manual of each product.
  • Make sure sparks shoot out from SPARKULAR can NOT touch any objects in the air.
  • Ensure that children, animals and unauthorized persons don’t have access to the SPARKULAR!
  • Make sure lid of feeding hopper are well covered when use SPARKULAR.
  • Accidentally burning of consumable Composite Ti can only use sands to extinguish.
  • Please be noted that there may sparks or remains fall to the ground. So when you use the machine where there are carpet, always put cap plate or sprinkle some water on carpet to avoid sparks drop to carpet directly.
  • Please check nozzle of SPARKULAR before and after each show, if there are consumable agglomerated in the nozzle, please clear it with screwdriver.
  • For better heat dissipation, block the air intake and air outlet is prohibited.
  • For indoor use, SMALL and MEDIUM sized metal granules are suggested (HC8200 SMALL / HC8200 MEDIUM).

SPARKULAR is much safer when comparing with traditional stage fountain fireworks. But always remember this is a machine designed for professionals, not a toy. Always use it according to the manuals and pay special attention to the safety considerations. Wish you have a pleasant experience with SPARKULAR.