SHOWVEN co-works with Hunan Fireshow Co.Ltd, brought out the immersive visual Carnival“Flame-Meeting·Ancient civilization” at Beijing World Park during International Labor day week. At the daytime, the world’s delicious food were supplied endlessly, the world’s elegant demeanor was constantly deduced; when night falls, the park immersed in the bright fireworks with the light and shadow changes, and the romance of Sanxingdui ancient civilization warms people’s hearts.

The immersive visual Carnival“Flame-Meeting·Ancient civilization”combined with Three major show fields which are distributed in the marching cross park.

SHOWVEN Star Products uFlamer Volcano,CIRCLE FLAMER X-F1800,CIRCLE FLAMER X-F3600,Sparkular Jet,Sparkular Spin,Sparkular Fall,Sparkular joined the whole show, Cool dazzling fireworks and romantic Cold Sparks create a different May day sumptuous festival.

With a pioneered standing viewing model, the audiences are mingled in  the scene to explore the journey of ancient civilization. Sanxingdui ancient civilization Mask emerges out of the fire. SHOWVEN uFlamer Volcano、CIRCLE FLAMER gears together build the Sanxingdui ancient civilization a Blessing Praying celebration.

SHOWVEN Brand New 5-head liquid flamethrower——uFlamer Volcano,with the flamer height from 8 to10 meter, fitted with more than 90 preset firing sequences, Independent control of each nozzle to bring Simultaneous or successive flamer effects. Operators can create spectacular firing effects easily.

Automatic refueling station supports long distance fuel supplying, the Real-time fuel level display with both electronically and mechanically, to ensures the stable and consistently flamer work. IPX3 rain-proof design, Free fear of rain and weather change;Equipped with intelligent electronic control system alarm function, Safety switch design, one button switching from User mode to Test mode, Remarkable quality assurance for all kinds of cultural and tourism outdoor events.

SHOWVEN CIRCLE FLAMER X-F1800 performs excellent atmosphere in outdoor events,with the highest flamer up to10m,maximum flame angle 210°(±105°), and as much as 88 preset flame sequences, it works as a Powerful booster for climax of scene atmosphere.

SHOWVEN CIRCLE FLAMER——X-F3600 angled with the range of 1080°(360°x3) for full circle flame SFX, Freely switch between full cycle and half cycle modes, and generate 182 kinds of combined firing special effects, such as spot fire, rapid fire, swing, strafe, etc, it is the supreme gear for large outdoor activities.

SHOWVEN New member——Sparkular Jet, generates a flashing SPARKULAR effect up to 10m. Built-in automatic air compressor, no external pressure tank needed, makes it easier for setup and fewer usage restrictions. Cold sparks shot into the air in a flash, and its instant explosion creates large area of spark effect. The combination of sound and visual effect makes the stimulation of hormone surprise senses, uniquely works for this flame-meeting moments.

The Immersive Fireworks Show “Flame-Meeting·Ancient civilization”held in Beijing World Park is florid and memorable. Taking the world culture as the carrier, integrating the traditional Lantern cultural elements and embedding the fashion color, it shows the brilliance of Sanxingdui ancient Shu civilization, tourists experienced the”FRESH, COOL and Gorgeous” high-tech spectacular special effect technology for a close contact with Sanxingdui ancient civilization.