SHOWVEN and its stage effects machines SPARKULAR and CIRCLE FLAMER presented in two magnificent fireworks show again. With the director’s brilliant design, SHOWVEN sparkular machine and CIRCLE FLAMER are successful integrated into the fireworks show in Alxa Hero Club & LFC Ceremony and enjoys a sterling reputation.

About the opening ceremony of Alxa Hero Club

The Alxa Hero Club by Cross-country e began in 2006 and permanently settled in Alxa in 2013. Alxa Hero Club has developed into a comprehensive international famous event brand and impressively promoted regional economic tourism development. Coordinated with SHOWVEN, the 15th Alxa Hero Club by Cross-country e presented a grand opening on October 1st, 2020.

It is the second warpath of SHOWVEN to conquer the Alxa desert since the legendary carnival in 2009. Under the spectacular night sky, tens of thousands of people were immersed in art and music with excellent firework and special stage effects.

The carnival opened with a stunning firewall created by 20 stage flame machines – CIRCLE FLAMER X-F1800 of SHOWVEN. With flame machines, a full blast of flame jets up to 10 meters high, instantly becoming an eye-catching spotlight to all the audiences.

The flame machine is launched with the market demands of precision flame machines. Through DMX control, the CIRCLE FLAMER X-F1800 can achieve more than 88 kinds of flexible firework effects, such as multi-point shooting, rapid shooting, and swinging fume demonstration. SHOWVEN flame machine’s maximum flame height of injection is up to 10 meters (under no wind condition), and the maximum angle of injection is 210° (±105°). It is powerful enough to support the large-scale opening ceremony and art performance to drive the climax atmosphere.

Under the combined effect of SHOWVEN flame machines, the opening ceremony of Alxa Hero Club has a soul of rock music pushing the audience’s mood to the highest point.

About the opening ceremony of Liuyang LFC Firework Display

With the advent of the Mid-Autumn Festival and Chinese National Day, Huang Cheng Team of fire show troupe, the sponsor, invited guests from all over the world to the LFC firework display to celebrate the motherland’s prosperity. Liuyang LFC firework display is the international firework competition combined with firework, art, business, and tourism.

The LFC firework display’s official opening ceremony was a stunning and magnificent firework show under the technical support of the SHOWVEN service team with its CIRCLE FLAMER and sparkular machines. A surrounding three-dimensional stage is created by SHOWVEN stage fire machines – CIRCLE FLAMER X-F3600 and CIRCLE FLAMER X-F1800.

SHOWVEN flame machine can present a glamour of modern digital firework with the maximum flame height up to 10 meters and creative effects more than 180 choices. Moreover, it can achieve a flame spraying effect within 1080 ° (360 ° x3) and freely switch to the whole cycle and half-cycle mode according to the performance requirements. The opening ceremony of the LFC firework display created immersive multi-media large scene shows with the fusion of light, music, large screen, and shooting effects.

The stage design adopted the SHOWVEN sparkular machines, 38 gunpowder-free, green stage sprayers, and 16 SPARKULAR FALL to create a stage effect of all-round and safety spark effect. The SPARKULAR FALL is the original suspension type of silver-light waterfall equipment design by SHOWVEN to generate dazzling silver water curtain downwards. In addition to gunpowder-free and environmental-friendly, the SPARKULAR FALL can also achieve various water curtain effects independently by wired and wireless control.

The most exciting part of the LFC firework display is that ISY Sanya international music festival, mango music festival, Changsha Orange Isle music festival, and Liuyang river music festival brought the fantastic electric music live show. Thousands of people are so thrilled to sing and dance with such a tremendous firework display.

SHOWVEN sparkular machine and fume machine have gained positive reviews from professionals and consumers since coming into the market. After gaining a sterling reputation in PyeongChang Winter Olympics in South Korea, World Athletics Championships in London, five football leagues in Europe, Super cup ACB, and so on, SHOWVEN decides to offer state of the art stage fire machines for a fantastic stage effect worldwide by continuous efforts.

If you want to know more about SHOWVEN sparkular and fume machine, SHOWVEN welcomes the chance to work with you.