Every December 31st is the most romantic night of the year. All parts of the world are welcoming the new year. Watching New Year’s Eve fireworks with the dearest people has become the sweetest start of the new year. On the last day of 2020, SHOWVEN and Hunan Satellite TV held an excellent New Year’s Eve concert with extraordinary significance. SHOWVEN’s new sparkular machine and fire flamer presented stunning stage performances, dedicating a warm and powerful New Year’s Eve party to the audience.

SHOWVEN stage special effects equipment gathered on the stage of the new year’s Eve party, with a total of 60 stage sparkular machines, 20 latest sparkular jets, 12 SPARKULAR SPIN machines, 56 circle flamers, and 50 sets of SONICBOOM PLUS. These sparkular machines and fire flamers created an excellent stage effect. The scene was vivacious. People are all in high spirits and excited about the new year.

SHOWVEN makes a significant contribution to the success of the new year’s party held by Hunan Satellite TV. SHOWVEN products create a lively and grand stage atmosphere. SHOWVEN has many high-quality products. This article will focus on two new products showcased by SHOWVEN at this New Year’s Eve party: SHOWVEN SPARKULAR JET and SHOWVEN CIRCLE FLAMER X-F3600.

SPARKULAR JET is a brand new effect originally invented by SHOWVEN. It generates a flashing sparkular affect up to 10m. This sparkular machine has a built-in automatic air compressor, with no external pressure tank needed, which makes it easier for setup and few usage limitations.

There are many advantages of SPARKULAR JET. Firstly, the sparkular machine has a combination of detonation flash sparkular effect. Secondly, the sparkular machine’s effect height is from 5m to 10m, which can create a spectacular scene. Thirdly, the sparkular machine has patented auto air compression technology, so no external pressure tank is needed.

Fourthly, it has nozzle adaptors optional to achieve various firing angle. Moreover, the sparkular machine has stainless steel housing with a multi safety design, which is durable and reliable. Finally, the sparkular machine has NEUTRIK® powerCON TRUE1 connectors.

CIRCLE FLAMER X-F3600 is a never seen flamer effect originally introduced by SHOWVEN. It is the first machine in the world with circle flame effects. DMX signal control, full cycle and half-cycle mode switchable, 1080°(3 cycles) rotation nozzle with up to 182 preset firing sequences ensure the versatile use in various professional shows.

As a brand new product of SHOWVEN, this fire flamer has incomparable advantages and highlights. First of all, this fire flamer has up to 3 rotation cycles, making it a remarkable flame effect compared to other fire flamers. Besides, this fire flamer can switch between full-cycle and half-cycle modes to control the flame effect more intelligently and bring different viewing experiences.

Moreover, this fire flamer has as many as 182 preset firing sequences and a Nozzle front design, which makes the operation of the fire flamer safer. This function ensures the safety of the staff while obtaining an excellent flame effect. SHOWVEN is committed to creating high-quality products that make people more assured. Last but not least, this fire flamer has a double pump to ensure stable pressure. CIRCLE FLAMER X-F3600 has many ideal settings. There is no doubt that this fire flamer has comprehensive functions and extremely high quality.

The year 2020 has passed. After New Year’s Eve, people usher in a new year, a year full of hope and opportunities! SHOWVEN’s excellent stage special effects perfectly match the performance and stage beauty, leaving a deep impression on the audience. SHOWVEN takes innovation, quality, and service as its core values. We are the founder of sparkular, spark effects machine, and circle flamer. We will be your most reliable partner to provide the highest quality products and the most effective solutions.