The Spring Festival is the most important in China. Almost all people go home to celebrate the Spring Festival with their families. On the evening of the first day of the lunar new year in 2021, a gala party with the theme of “spring, we are together” was broadcast on Beijing Satellite TV. The evening party expressed the love and watched for the city and home by gathering individuals’ life experience in the epidemic situation. SHOWVEN sparkular machine is the stage decoration equipment of Beijing Satellite TV Spring Festival Gala, and its excellent stage special effects make the Spring Festival Gala wonderful.

Actors such as Jia Ling, Bao Wenjing, and Zhang Xiaofei attended the 2021 Beijing Spring Festival Gala. They are the starring actors in the movie Hi, Mom. The film Hi, Mom directed by the famous Chinese comedian Jia Ling and co-starring Zhang Xiaofei and Shen Teng, was released across China on the first day, the first lunar month of the Chinese lunar calendar in 2020, setting off a wave of movie watching. This movie ranks among the top box office of Chinese movies in the Spring Festival of 2021. At present, its box office has exceeded 5 billion, and it is about to hit the 5.6 billion box office champion of Chinese film history.

At the Spring Festival Gala, many actors sang and danced with SHOWVEN sparkular and Speed Jet Pillar. The magical disco dance style on the stage, coupled with the modern sparkling special effects of SHOWVEN sparkular machine, made the party retro and funny, with constant laughter.

Much attention is paid to the expression of emotional elements in the main stage of the Beijing TV Spring Festival Gala, which emphasizes the temperature of emotion in the content design. The Beijing TV Spring Festival Gala aims to explore the “empathy points” between the performers and the audience in the stage performance and find the best way to express emotions. The Beijing TV Spring Festival Gala has won the rating champion for seven consecutive years. This year’s Beijing TV Spring Festival Gala, through the little things in ordinary people’s lives in the great past year, expressed their love and watched for the city and hometown.

The stage design of this year’s Beijing TV Spring Festival Gala takes the “central axis” as the design source, strengthens the immersive experience, and creates a 360 ° panoramic immersive performance area. SHOWVEN special effects gather on the stage, with 50 stages sparkular jet, 20 sonic boom jet columns, and fireworks flying together, making the stage cool and interactive!

SHOWVEN’ s excellent stage special effects, and retro disco performance complement each other to produce a magic chemical reaction, which makes the whole stage full of warmth and happiness.

Since SHOWVEN sparkular came out, it has been unanimously recognized by experts and users in the industry. SHOWVEN sparkular has been used in the world’s top stages:

  • World sports arena

South Korea’s Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, London World Athletics Championships, the top five European football leagues, Spanish Super Cup, and other sports venues;

  • Evening party in China

CCTV “Spring Festival Gala,” Zhejiang Satellite TV “The Voice of China,” Hunan Satellite TV New Year’s Eve Gala, Tmall Double Eleven party and other top evenings;

  • Cultural tourism scenes

Disney, Chimelong, Fangte and other theme parks and cultural tourism scenes;

  • Other grand events

SHOWVEN sparkular has been used in the scene of grand events such as Eurovision Song Contest 2018,the New Year’s Eve party in Times Square in the United States and various electronic syllables.

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