In addition to TV series and movies, variety shows have been widely welcomed by the masses in recent years. The variety show is a kind of entertainment TV program integrating various art forms, including music performance, comedy sketch, magic show, acrobatics etc., which brings much joy to the audience.

Different from classic TV series and movies, variety shows have high requirements for stage effect. A good stage effect can often drive the audience’s mood and create a successful program effect. Good stage effect, such as in singing and dancing variety shows, needs professional actors to participate and some stage equipment to enhance the program effect and make the program more wonderful. Sparkular machine is one of the most suitable equipment to create a variety of stage effects.

cold spark fountain

What is a sparkular machine?

The sparkular machine is the newest innovation available for stage cold spark effect. SPARKULAR originally invented by SHOWVEN. It with similar effect as fountain fireworks, but unlike traditional fireworks, SPARKULAR machine is safer and easier to control than fireworks in creating stage effects. The sparkular machine allows you to create stunning displays and chases together with music repeatedly. The more sparkular machines you add, the more impressive your display can look. The consumable Composite Ti for SPARKULAR with no gunpowder, and the bottom of output nozzle is also just cold spark and no flames, thus it is more safe for indoor use. (at the bottom of output area of fountain fireworks it is flames, which is very easy to cause fire).

In addition, sparkular machine is more environmentally friendly than traditional fireworks. Sparkular machines can achieve smoke-free and odorless display in the whole process, which is more environmentally friendly. Apart from variety shows, Sparkular is also suitable for sports events, weddings, parties, concerts, and other activities.

How does sparkular machine benefit variety show?

1. Create an excellent program atmosphere
Whenever the program reaches its climax, the program group will start the sparkular machine at a specific location to ignite the audience’s enthusiasm and make the atmosphere of the program more heated. Youth With You, a variety show that was recently aired in China, has been very popular among the masses. Youth With You is an inspirational variety show for new youths. The show convened more than a hundred contestants. Through tasks, training, and assessment, the contestants grew up under the training of celebrity instructors. Finally, nine contestants were selected to form an idol group debut.

SHOWVEN sparkular machine was used in this variety show. The sparkular machine’s radiant power has turned the stage into a band and club performance and the youthful players performed themselves on the stage to their heart’s content. SHOWVEN sparkular machine creates unique stage special effects for variety shows.

2. High safety and easy operation
Sparkular machine is safer than traditional fireworks. Spark machine NOT use gunpowder, and equipped with multi security settings such as tilt protection, over temp. protection, over current protection etc, so it is not as prone to explosion or spark injury as fireworks. In addition, a sparkular machine is easy to operate and can start or turn off spark effect at any time. Sparkular can be adjusted freely in the whole process of the program, which provides convenience for creating an excellent stage effect.

3. Environmentally friendly and easy control
Compared with traditional fireworks, sparkular machine is environmentally friendly. Traditional fireworks always produce a lot of smoke and dust, and much garbage is generated after show, which makes the stage dirty. Sparkular for sale would not have such problems. Sparkular machine does not produce smoke when spraying fireworks. The mini sparkular is small and beautiful. It doesn’t take up space, and it doesn’t need to move during the performance. Mini sparkular works with actors and singers to create excellent stage effects.

4. Owns all intellectual property
SHOWVEN originally invented the cold spark effect machine SPARKULAR, it with 40+patents in China, among which 8 patent for invention, 1 US patent, 1 EU patent, and 7 global PCT patent for this single machine.

SHOWVEN sparkular machine
Sparkular machine is original innovation products introduced by SHOWVEN. It is the first spark fountain machine in the special effects industry. Our sparkular machine for sale is designed for a highly demanding professional market with adjustable sparks height from 1.5 to 5m. The height of our SPARKULAR mini effect is adjustable by use different consumables. You can change the effect height and output sequences to create different spark effects at any time according to the needs of the stage. Mini sparkular is safe to use, with no powder and no smoke. The sparkular machine for sale can achieve sparkle effects for 10-20 minutes so that the stage atmosphere continues to rise. SHOWVEN is committed to providing you with the most innovated and reliable spark machine. For more information, please contact us by