SPARKULAR is a new special effect machine originally invented by SHOWVEN. It is a word created by SHOWVEN, “SPARK” describe the effect, generate of sparks; “ULAR” comes from the word “spectacular”, also the whole word “SPARKULAR” with similar pronunciation with “spectacular”, means the SPARKULAR effect makes your events spectacular.

SPARKULAR is a never seen special effects machine in the market. It generates sparks effect similar as stage fountain fireworks. But not contains gunpowder, no bad smell and almost no smoke. What’s more it can be used repeatedly, which makes rehearsal possible.

Now there are lots of different names for SPARKULAR or SPARKULAR copies, such as spark machine, fireworks machine, cold spark machine, sparkler, sparkling machine, fountain machine, fireworks fountain machine, sparkler machine etc.

History of SPARKULAR

2014, Dr. Chen, resign from SIEMENS and back to his hometown, Liuyang, the famous fireworks capital. With the idea to develop a machine to generate sparks instead of the use of gunpowder.

2015, the prototype of SPARKUALR was produced, and first time show in the 12th Liuyang International Fireworks Festival. Acquired patents of invention from China.

2016, first time attend LDI show, Las Vegas, SPARKUALR won the BEST DEBUT PRODUCT. Obtained PCT patents.

2017, attend PLS Frankfurt etc. 13 professional shows globally. Achieved cooperation agreement with partners from more than 60 countries. Extend product from SPARKULAR to SPARKULAR mini, SPARKULAR FALL.

2018 – 2019, expand R&D team to more than 20 engineers, more SPARKULAR models close to partner’s needs are launched.

2020 – 2021, obtained US patent and Australia patent, EU patent in the country enter stage. Launched another brand new solutions SPARKULAR JET.

Is SPARKULAR patented product?

Now there are lot of copy SPARKULAR on market, most of this copy cat are from Guangzhou, also there is a well known special effects company from Netherlands buy the original SPARKULAR from SHOWVEN in 2017 and starts to copy. All those copy cat flood the market makes the SPARKULAR seems with no intellectual property. But actually SHOWVEN have applied more than 40 patents for SPARKULAR series machine in China, 8 of which are patent of invention, besides, also obtained 7 PCT patents globally. Till now one US patent, one Australia patent and one EU patent have been granted by authorities. So absolutely, sparkular are patented products, and SHOWVEN owns the intellectual property.

Except patents, SPARKULAR is also a globally registered trademark of SHOWVEN.