When SPARKULAR first come to market, “is it safe?” is the most frequently asked questions. Here we would like to make some explanation on its safety from seven aspects as below:

1.Use metal granules instead of gunpowder.

What makes SPARKULAR so special is that it need only metal granules and an electronic device, the granules even very hardly to ignite with lighters, and does not use gun powders as traditional fountain fireworks. For no matter user and audience, never worry about the explosive which may cause by gunpowder if not handled properly.

2.DMX control with emergency stop function
Different from fountain fireworks, which is one time use, after ignition there is nothing you can do to stop the firing. SPARKULAR with DMX signal control, you can stop the machine anytime. There are emergency stop button on original host controller, or if you use lighting console, the second channel DMX value @20-40 is emergency stop.

3.Low Temp. near the output nozzle
For fountain fireworks, normal near the output nozzle there are flames, that is why it is very easily cause fire if something close to nozzle. While SPARKULAR even at the very bottom of output nozzle they are sparks, and it is very hard to ignite A4 paper. But please do pay attention it may ignite the paper’s in honeycomb shapes if firing to it for a long time, due to the holes in this kind of paper will cumulate sparks and lead to ignition. Below is the thermographer testing.
Besides, the consumable metal granules HC8200 itself is also not easy to burn, for example when you put some HC8200 on ground, it is even very hard to ignite with lighter.

4.Multi sensors design for extra safety
Safety is always our first priority in designing the SPARKULAR. We have incorporated with multi sensors inside machine.
Tip over sensor, when machine slant over 45 degree, it will stop working automatically.
Chassis temp. sensor, if machine chassis temp. over 65 degree machine will stop working.
Heating coil sensor, if temp. exceed the setting protection temp. machine will stop working automatically.
Last but not least, SPARKULAR main motors with motor over current protection to protect the machine from over current.

5.Eletromagnetic heating
Electromagnetic heating is a kind of non-contact heating, it is not only with high stability as well as with high efficiency. What’s more it can avoid power leakage even in the worst cases. For example when temp. sensor broken, and temp. exceed the up limit, the coil will melt to prevent further heating up, and even in this case, the coil is still isolated with the metal part of machine and avoid power leakage.

6.RFID card protection
All SHOWVEN SPARKULAR are with RFID card design, operators need to get the RFID card before they use the SPARKULAR, and this card is come together with the consumables from SHOWVEN. In this way we can avoid the use of material from unknown origin.
7.CE and FCC Certified
To guarantee the quality, SPARKULAR need to go through the EMC, LVD and FCC test after we design it.