What is low lying fog machine?

Low lying fog machine, also known as fog chiller, ground fog, low fog generator, low fog machine, low fogger etc, is specifically designed to create fog that stays low to the ground. Low lying fog machines create a ground dense fog without rising into the air. It is widely used in touring and fixed installation applications such as concert, wedding, theatre, disco, opera, dance, magic, circus, theme park, television/ film, sports, special effects, and forms of military/fire training etc.

Different types of low lying fog machine?

There are several types of low lying fog machine, according to the way they achieve the effect there are at least three types:

Dry ice machine:

This kind of low fog machine depends on dry ice, such as CREEPER ICE, which generate the low fog by spray the hot water to the dry ice. The greatest advantage is that it can generate long lasting, thicker, denser and better ground adherence fantastic fog. The reason it can achieve the perfect thicker and good ground adherence fog is due to the extremely low temperature of dry ice, which is minus 78.5 degree centigrade. On the other hand is because CO2 with a high molecular weight (heavier than air). The disadvantage for this kind of machine is the cost of dry ice, also the handling should be very careful considering the extremely low temp. of dry ice.

Regular ice machine (fog chiller):

As we all learned from physics, the cooler air sinks and warmer air rises. The regular ice machine takes advantage of this theory, the fogs go through the ice and cools down, then it sinks to the ground and generate the low lying fog. We normally call this kind of machine as fog chiller. The advantage for this kind of machine is that the regular ice is very easy to find and price are low when comparing with the dry ice. Also the machine itself is with low cost. The disadvantage is it is not with such good adherence to ground.

Ultrasonic low fog machine:

Ultrasonic low fog machine is composed of fogger part and ultrasonic part. The fogger part will generate fog and mix with atomized water makes the fog heavier when it blows out from the machine it will adherent to the ground. The CREEPER AQ series machine from SHOWVEN® belongs to this type. The advantage of this type of low lying fog machine is that it can generate extremely long low lying fog, comparing with the easily melting of dry ice or ice. It uses just fog fluid and water, so when customer need generate continuously long period of low lying fog this is absolutely the best option. And the consumables are cheap and convenient to get. Disadvantage is that the fog adherent to ground is not as strong as dry ice machine.

When are low lying fog machine use?

The low fog effect is one of the most widely used effect, from personal to professional, small party to large scale outdoor events. With the fog on ground it can create an atmosphere of clouds. Makes audience to have a feel of grandeur and romantic. Whether you are a DJ, wedding organizer or professional special effect expert, low fog generator can always take your stage to the next level. The usage of low fog generators are endless according to your creativity. Below are some application cases.

First dance at weddings.

This is the most popular and widely used for low fog generator. Imaging when a couple wearing their beautiful wedding dress, the groom and his beautiful angel dancing on a cloud generated by CREEPER series low fog machine. Together with the sparks generated by SPARKULAR, what an impressive sight. It will surely become one of the most unforgettable moment for the couple. And with added value for the whole wedding party you organize.


Theater is also one of popular use for low fog generator. Create ground clouds atmosphere that match with different scripts. Or sometimes fill the floor when dancing makes the dancers looks lighter. Increase the pleasure of the program.


The ground fog will help them to increase the mystery of the magic they perform. Besides, it can also help them to hide their magic props.

Artificial lake mist view

To attract the visitors, now there are more and more restaurant or park etc. area design the artificial lakes or water in the yard. With the help of low fog generator the water covered in mist, and we are sitting there take a rest or enjoy the meal or a cup of coffee, what an impressive view.

Professional stage, music concert etc.

According to the need of the plot, low fog generator is a frequent request on the professional stage to generate the ground cloud. In music concert it is always fantastic view when the clouds flow with the sweet voice from singers.

Besides, there are also request in Halloween etc. to create astound atmosphere.

Tips for use of low fog generator

Ground fog is fantastic in using and can help you achieve variable splendid effect, but it can also be frustrating if you not get the skills. According to our experience, we made a summary here to help you.


Wind even the light wind can dramatically impact the low lying fog effect. It can blow it up from the ground, and makes it dissipate faster. So for low fog generator it is always with better effect and wider coverage in indoor use when there is no wind. For outdoor use, please always prepare few more units of machine in case there are winds. Also try to find shelter such as a wall for the fog.

Smoke detector:

Whenever you use a low fog machine or other types of smoke machine or haze machine in a venue, please do check the smoke alarms first. There are several different types of fire detectors, some are smoke activated, some are photoelectric smoke detector etc. and also different brands detector with different sensitivity. According to our experience, most of the case the use of CREEPER series low lying fog generator won’t activate the smoke detector. Especially CREEPER ICE which is with dry ice to generate ground fog. But no matter what brand of ground fogger, there is no guarantee using it will not detected by smoke detector.


Temperature is also one of important factors that can dramatically influence the low fog effect. When you considering the principle of the generation of low lying fog. So normally, the warmer the weather the better the low lying fog effect. Cold weather is especially with more serious influence on regular ice machine (fog chiller).

Preparation Time:

If use of dry ice low foggers, please do pay attention to the heating time, normally it takes 30min above (depends on the water tank capacity). So it is suggest you start to heating up at least half an hour earlier before you want to use it. There is no this kind of worries for CRREPER AQ series low fog generator. The heating up time as short as 1-2min.


For water based fog generator and fog chillers they all need fog fluid, we suggest operators always use the original fog fluids from manufacturer. Fluids from different suppliers may differs a lot, inappropriate fluid will easily cause blocks of foggers.

CREEPER series low fog generator

To meet different requirement SHOWVEN have design CREEPER series low fog generator. It is one of the best fog machine on market. Based on the theory we divided into two groups CREEPER ICE and CREEPER AQ. CREEPER ICE is dry ice low fog generator; based on the output volume it divided into two model CREEPER ICE and CREEPER ICE PLUS. CREEPER AQ is water based low fog generator with ultrasonic technology. Based on the output and in order to makes it more accessories to vast target customer, we have launched three models, CREEPER AQ mini, CREEPER AQ, CREEPER AQ PLUS.


CREEPER ICE machine are dry ice machine designed by SHOWVEN® . Comparing with present dry ice machine on market, CREEPER ICE series machine have several advantages as below:

Huge reservoirs for ice and water. Support long and dense fog output.

CREEPER ICE with 15kg ice basket and 55L water tank. While CREEPER ICE PLUS with 30L dry ice basket and 75L water tank. Comparing with most of the dry ice machine on market which with 4-5kg dry ice basket, 15-20L water tank. CREEPER ICE series machine are 3-6 times larger. Support much longer and denser fog output.

Compact size, elegant design.

CREEPER ICE series machine with our design patent and private mode, makes it not only more elegant in the appearance but also more compact. The weight is much lighter comparing with the flightcase design, and it is super durable and rustless. Equipped with professional abrasion resistant silent caster, it can withstand the rigors of the road.

Reliable structure design, variable fog output adjustment

Different from most dry ice machine on market which with a mechanical lifting structure to immerse the dry ice basket into water, CREEPER AQ was with disruptive innovation in design. The dry ice basket is kept motionless, the high temperature pump pumping the hot water spray to the dry ice, in this way we can avoid the malfunction of lifting structure, which is quite frequent problems for dry ice machine on market.

With this talent design, we can also achieve variable fog output control just by control the volume of pump. besides, CREEPER AQ with immediate ON/OFF function, operators can stop the output immediately by stop the working of pump, which is impossible for traditional dry ice machine.

Water tank and ice basket separate design, better to store the dry ice

Water tank is designed at the bottom of machine and totally separate from dry ice basket, in this way, operator can store the dry ice in the basket before the events starts. Also, even after use the remaining dry ice can also be store stably for next usage. So it is easy to achieve multi use with just single dry ice feeding.

Other user friendly designs

CREEPER AQ series machine all equipped with DMX control, one operator can control several machines ON/OFF or fog output volume easily at the control table.

Dual / Triple heating system, flexible switch between 3000W and 6000W(CREEPER ICE) /9000W (CREEPER ICE PLUS), this is much easier to meet different power supply conditions.

Rain proof structure, can be used no matter the weather changes.


CREEPER AQ series low fog generator are water based low foggers, AQ is short of aqua, take advantage of ultrasonic technologies, those machines needs only water and fog fluid. No need of dry ice or regular ice. Ensure it more environmental friendly and cost effective, as well as easier accessible of the consumables. Considering the different requirement of customers, we launched three models CREEPER AQ mini, CREEPER AQ, CREEPER AQ PLUS.

CREEPER AQ mini is a portable small low lying fogger, the weight is just 15kg when not loaded. It is super compact yet with robust output up to 10,000cuft/min, due to 20 ultrasonic heads it used. It is with built in 6.5Lwater tank, also support external larger water tank. The control can be DMX with console or simply through wireless remote controller. It is an ideal choice for house use such as Halloween, garden party, nightclub rooms, small events etc.


Similar technologies as CREEPER AQ mini, but these two models are designed for more professionals and larger events. They are with more professional designs.

All this two model are with private mode design, makes it much lighter, durable and rustless, also with the use of abrasion resistant silent caster, makes it can withstand different complicated road situations. Below are some highlight of this CREEPER AQ series machines.

Automatic water feeding

CREEPER AQ series machine designed with external and internal water tank. External water tank is for the storage of water, internal water tank is the place where ultrasonic heads works. As we know if need to achieve best atomization effect, the water level is the key factor. for CREEPER AQ series machine it controls the water level automatically by this separate water tank design.

Multi adjustable design makes it meet different requirements.

The fog density, moisture and fan speed are all adjustable through the control of fog volume, ultrasonic head and fan speed. Besides, in order to support the long effects time, CREEPER AQ equipped with auto water refill system, operators can just connect the machine to water tap. So there is no worry about the shortage of water. This is fantastic function for fixed installations such as in the theater.

More powerful output and better stick to the ground.

CREEPER AQ with an fog output of 15,000cuft/min, while PLUS is even larger to 20,000cuft/min. thanks to more atomizers (CREEPER AQ with 30 ultrasonic head, CREEPER AQ PLUS with 40), the output fog are better adhension to the ground than their fellows from other supplier. Also the fog is denser.

Extremely short heating time.

Thanks to the rapid heating techs, the heating time for CREEPER AQ series machine is extremely short, only need about 1-2min, that means when you plug the machine and go back to the operation desk, the machine is ready to work.

DMX controllable

CREEPER AQ or CREEPER AQ PLUS are DMX controllable, with 2 and 3 channels mode switchable. In order to make it meet requirement from different customers, there are both IP65 rated 3-pin and 5-pin XLR connectors on machine.

Optimized structure design.

Most of water based low fog machines with their water tank designed on top of machine, this kind of top heavy design is not stable when moving the machine. The water tank of CREEPER AQ series machine is designed at the bottom, which is firm and stable. Also in order to easier drain the machine, we have design a drainage hole, operators can easily drain the remaining water after use.

Original fog fluid

For the maximum effect and elongate the service life of CREEPER AQ series machine, SHOWVEN® with the original fog machine liquid FX-M pro medium fog fluid.


Hope this article can help you understand more about the low fog generators. And can help you choose the right product according to your requirements. This article is write according to the best of my personal knowledges, if there is any fault or more information you want to share with us please feel free to contact me by info@showven.cn.