Sep. 23th, 2023, Hangzhou Olympic Sports Centre Stadium, over 50,000 athletes, audiences and visitors witness the most exciting moment, the opening ceremony of 19th Asian Games Hangzhou.

The lighting ceremony of the cauldron has always been the top priority of any large-scale sports event, attracting millions of attention. The highlight of the cauldron lighting up for 19th Asian Games is that torchbearers in the virtual and physical worlds will jointly light up the cauldron. Besides, adhered to the concept of green event, the cauldron use green fuels. And SHOWVEN, is the designer of the whole flame system of this cauldron.

Due to the large number of core devices in the cauldron, the control is complex and must be foolproof. After receiving the task, SHOWVEN immediately established a team of more than ten people led by the company’s chairman, Dr. Chen Jiangbo, and several senior engineers. The special technical team, based on our years of research and technology accumulation in flame system control, combined with the needs and guidance of the Asian Organizing Committee, after over half year of R&D, design, debugging and optimization, our design and effect was finally recognized and praised by the organizing committee. For international large-scale events such as the Asian Games, quality stability and system reliability are undoubtedly the most important, especially the lighting up of the cauldron, which is the most important part of the opening ceremony. We specially designed and developed a complete set of solutions to ensure that the cauldron system can successfully ignite even under the most extreme conditions. In addition, in order to fulfill the commitment of “green Asian Games”, the organizing committee decided to use methanol as the cauldron fuel. This is the first time in history that methanol has been used as cauldron fuel. It is well known that although methanol is a clean energy source, it is also a toxic volatile liquids can enter the human body through the respiratory tract, skin, and digestive tract and cause poisoning. This also poses higher challenges to the design and performance of our entire torch system. Of course, these challenges have been perfectly solved by the wisdom of our team. In order to ensure that the entire project is foolproof, we also dispatched a professional construction team to stay at the Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center for over a hundred days to ensure the success delivery of the project.

Besides the cauldron design, Hundreds of SHOWVEN’S SPARKULAR and SPARKULAR Cyclone are also employed in the opening ceremony to substitute the fireworks. Demonstrating the green philosophy in hosting the event.

Just as Mr.Sha Xiaolan, Chief director, opening and closing ceremonies, 19th Asian games Hangzhou said: “This time we broke the previous viewing model and adhered to the concept of green event. There were no pyros throughout the process. The cauldron use green fuel to move people with emotion and beauty, maximizing the emotional experience.”