SHOWVEN® series full-colour RGB lasers are launched based on our more than 4 years in-depth laser market research. We aimed to bring quality, premium design and cost-effective laser system to the global market. Our Maiman series full-colour RGB lasers with double-layer structure design, IP65 rated enclosure. Pure diode light source guarantee higher reliability and smaller beam divergence angle. Equipped with safety switch key, remote E-stop function etc. safety configurations ensure the safety and controllability of laser use to the greatest extent. To extend the service life of our laser we equipped with PWM fan control, noise reduction design, realtime temperature monitoring and over-temperature protection function.


Power Supply: AC100-240V 50/60Hz
Output (max): 30W
R module: 8W/638nm LD Mitsubishi
G module: 10W/520nm LD Nichia
B module: 12W/445nm LD Nichia
Scanning System: ±30° 35K
Beam Size: 6×7mm
Beam Divergence: <1.2mrad(full angle)
Analogue modulation: 100K Analog/TTL
IP level: IP65
Cooling System: TEC cooling
Work Temp.: -20-40℃
Weight: 27kg
Dimension: 495×471×226mm
System Control: FB4, Ethernet, DMX, ILDA, Auto, SD card, Sound




Features and advantages

Quick locking 360° rotatable handle, easy angle adjustment
Compressed light source,spot and fiber optics ensure stronger beam, sharper spot and smaller divergence angle
Analog modulation, high linearity and rich beam color
TEC temperature control, split refrigeration ensure best working condition of LD
Over-temperature protection ensures good performance of optical module components
External dimming bracket, dimming will not damage the module cavity environment
External TEC refrigeration module, no thermal conductive silicone grease inside the module to prevent oil and water evaporation from affecting the lens and heat from returning to the light source layer
PWM fan control, silent design
Realtime internal temperature monitoring and display, over-temperature protection
Remote emergency stop function