SHOWVEN never ceases to amaze with innovative special effects. The new addition to the fog machines series is the Creeper AQ low fog generator. The latest cutting edge piece of equipment joins the already widely used PRO FOG MACHINE X-S3000 and PRO FOG MACHINE P-S1500.

Together these devices will bring both a thrilling and charming atmosphere to the stage. When combined with sparkulars, circle flamers, and smoke jets, the show is on. Please do not take our words for granted though, let us first give a closer look to the Creeper AQ.

About Fog Generators

Most people are already familiar with visual special effects such as lights, smoke, and flames. Fog generators are devices that emit dense vapor resembling smoke. Thanks to these stratagems, artists try to create particular atmospheres transmitting unique emotions to the audience. Low fog generators use of smoke can be found through television and motion picture productions, sports events, theatres, concerts, nightclubs, and theme parks.

During these events, we see low lying fog machines coupled with lightings. The haze produced by fog machines can make visible the beams of light and laser in mid-air. The results are astonishingly beautiful special effects.

Creeper AQ Low Fog Generator

We are now moving on to our star, the Creeper AQ low fog generator. Below are listed some of the top features that make the instrument stand out within the industry.

Water-Based Fog Machine

As you may know, one of the basic techniques to create the smoke effect is using dry ice. The Creeper AQ operation instead is based directly on water. The latest rapid heating technology allows for only 1-2 minutes of heating time. In this way, the low fog generator can produce dense smoke looking vapor. To bring some comfort and safety to the users, this model of the low lying fog machine is equipped with an advanced auto water refill system. In addition, SHOWVEN has implemented our patented fog leakage prevention technology to stop fog outflow.

Fog Output Specifications

The instrument has a power of 2000w with a maximum fog output of 15000 cuft/min. The settings are changeable according to the need. The Creeper AQ low fog generators have adjustable fog density, moisture, and fan speed. The customization is extreme and overall gives the product plenty of versatility.

As we mentioned before, about the smoke concentration, the unit has 30 heads atomizers (CREEPER AQ PLUS has 40 heads atomizers) for thicker fog production. Finally, the multi optimized air supply system ensures further and more uniform fog, giving the best result.

User experience

Our team at SHOWVEN, when developing a new product, always take into account for the user experience. Even in this case, we have come up with an intuitive LCD control panel to convey information to the operator better. Creeper AQ structure resistance let it be subjected to harsh weather conditions. Furthermore, to meet the demands of professionals, our low fog generator can be set up for wireless control for more practical utilization. Ultimately, Creeper AQ low fog generator earns its right to be one of the most advanced special effects tools for all sorts of entertainment.


 SHOWVEN was established in 2015, the company in half of a decade has already become one of the leading high enterprises in China’s special effects industry. Today, our objective is to affirm ourselves as an international high-end stage special effects provider. Our equipment has nearly 80 national and eight international PCT patents and CE certification. Other than low fog generators, our offer includes SPARKULAR (cold spark fountain machine), flame projector, smokejet etc. We are already present and satisfying clients in more than 90 countries and regions around the world.

If you are interested in special effects, our team at SHOWVEN is glad to provide you with the most optimal solution.