On August 7th, 2020, SHOWVEN gives entirely enthusiastic support to a super-large fantasy fountain performance – Lotus and Dream with stage fire machines, and finally, this parade is held successfully. Lotus and Dream is directed by the famous artist and national director, Mr. Zhang Jigang, and premiered in Xiaohe Art Town, Jinzhong, Shanxi. During the performance, the fireworks troupe lights up the night sky of Xiaohe with beautiful fireworks, and showven sparkular machines also become an excellent helper and sponsor, promoting a successful outcome and perfect ending for the parade.

About Lotus and Dream

Lotus and Dream presents a magnificent and colorful audio-visual feast with large-scale music, dance, light, and water show. It is an unprecedented performance that this repertoire consists of nine major performing arts sections, including a light show, dance, acrobatics, fountain, and high-tech sound and light system. The topic of the repertoire is to express people’s yearning for a better life in the new era by singing nature, life, and homeland, promoting the Chinese nation’s excellent cultural traditions.

The show is held in original multi-stage mobile performance forms that many stage technician skills are employed, including modern rotating stage machinery and high-tech fountain technology. These create the world’s first outdoor real-world dynamic performance, plus incredible fireworks display and bring different visual experience and soul shock to the audience.

Besides, the highlights are worthy of being mentioned in this show this time that all digital photoelectric firework elements and the SHOWVEN sparkular series product are also integrated into it, presenting a spectacular visual effect and received enormous response and praise.

And when moving to the fireworks show in the repertoire, it initiates a new movement to a climax. The all-round fusions of water curtains and fireworks, lights, and dances build up a splendid show. With the theme music melody, the night sky turns into a canvas dotted with bright and colorful fire sparks. When a thousand beams of fireworks are racketing, and they are ingenious and dazzling in the night sky, which creates a magnificent enlivened night for audiences. What a shocking 3D visual light and shadow firework feast!

About the stage fire machine

The stage fire machines used in the show are CIRCLE FLAMER X-F3600. It is a never seen flamer effect originally introduced by SHOWVEN. And the most selling point for the stage fire machine is that it is the first machine in the world equipped with circle flame effects.

More importantly, to meet the application to all kinds of actual occasions, DMX signal control, full and half-cycle switchable mode, 3-cycles rotation nozzle with up to 182 preset firing sequences are all built-in for versatile use in various professional shows. If you want to be easier to handle with the stage fire machine, it would be a reasonable consideration for you to combine it with SHOWVEN original host controller ZK6200/6300.

More features and advantages

  • Nozzle front design, safer for operator
  • Stainless steel nozzle, reliable and durable
  • Safety lock with switchable test mode
  • Double electromagnetic valves design for additional safety
  • Double pump ensures stable pressure
  • Fitted with igniter signal interface, compatible with the fireworks firing system
  • Neutrik®powerCON TRUE1 in/out, Neutrik®3-pin & 5-pin DMX in/out
  1. Easy effects control with SHOWVEN host controller
  2. Stainless steel housing and inner structure
  3. Tilt safety switch

circle flamer x f3600


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