In order to meet different requirement from market, SHOWVEN have designed various SPARKULAR models derived from the SPARKULAR platform. Below info may help you choose the model suitable for you.

SPARKULAR: the original model, with 2-5m adjustable effect height. It is the most popular model on market.
SPARKULAR mini: 2-3m effect, affordable solutions for DJ, wedding planners etc.
SPARKULAR FALL and SPARKULAR miniFALL: waterfall spark effect, height from 3-7m.

SPARKULAR TRIPLE: three head SPARKULAR, generate sparks effect in three different angles. Each nozzle can be controlled separately, multi effects combinations. Spark height from 2-5m.
SPARKULAR Cyclone: strong burst with 10m spark effects, ideal choice for big outdoor events, sports stadium, concert etc.
SPARKULAR SPIN: rotatable sparkular with spinning spark effect. Now it is more and more popular in DJ and wedding planners.

SPARKULAR PRO: IP55 rated weather proof enclosure, designed for fixed installations etc. outdoor project. The effect height is little bit higher than sparkular.
SPARKULAR PORTABLE PACK: battery base designed for SPARKULAR mini, ensure the SPARKULAR mini can be used anywhere and not depend on the supply of main power. Especially nice for garden party, garden wedding etc where the power supply is not convenient.
SPARKULAR JET: this is platform revolution product, originally introduced by SHOWVEN team in 2020. It can generate fabulous flash spark effects similar as mines in fireworks. With effect height up to 10ms, which is perfect for stadium, sports, concert etc. large scale performance.

SPARKULAR is a revolutionary product, it makes stage shows much more safe, in the mean while can save much time and man power considering the easy installation and tear down process. Now it gradually becomes a standard configuration for all level event organizers and productions.
As the inventor of this effect, we are trying to introduce more innovated and safe solutions to our global partners. We always welcome your ideas and suggestions to make the effects you want. Feel free to contact us: