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Sparkular Mini Fall

SPARKULAR miniFALL is newest innovation by SHOWVEN with its patented state-of-the-art D-QUIET technology, which ensure the working noisy below 50DB. Enhanced energy saving technology with optimized structure and channel design makes SPARKULAR miniFALL into a new level on size, weight and power consumption. It is an ideal sparks effects solution for party, stage, clubs, studios etc.


 Model: BT14
 Dimension: 150×160×240mm
 Net Weight: 3.0kg
 Input: 220V (BT14) / 110V (BT15), 50/60Hz
 Work power: 130W
 Hopper capacity: 280g
 HC8200 consumption: 15g/min
 Casing material: Anti-Flaming ABS
 Fall length:2-3m (HC8200 MEDIUM), 3-4m (HC8200 LARGE)
 Control: DMX, Wireless Remote
 Adaptable truss size: 40-60mm
 Interface: Neutrik PowerCON IN/OUT, DMX IN/OUT
 Packing size: 260×235×295mm(single unit)/545×495×320mm (4 units)/705×665×480mm


Features and advantages

 Sparks “waterfall” effects for indoor use;
 New generation spark technology;
 D-quiet Technology, low noisy;
 Low power consumption, energy saving;
 Neutrik PowerCON connectors;
 Light weighted, easy for hanging and carry.
*For safety use, please don’t touch sparks with hands or other flammable objects.

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