The Overthrowing Conventional Theatrical Fireworks Show

Liuyang China: On 30th, July, an untraditional fireworks theatrical show was held, integrating the panoramic scene performance with “people, sound, light, film, scenery, drama and flame”, by linking the cultural and cultural creative fairs, camping activities, food tasting booth and other life aesthetis, to present a feast of vision and perception for the audience. Riveting Fireworks and flame visuals, theater atmosphere, along the Liuyang River, with camping and food, while music blending with these scenes, incredible chemical reactions occurred under such circumstances.

The Show was designed as three chapters :

Frist chapter

Romantic and aesthetic: The bamboo rafts are rippling leisurely on the Liuyang River, while the elegant and beautiful classical dance performs the warmth and beauty of fireworks.

Second chapter

Shock and passion: With a strong boom point and a warm and cheerful rhythm, it matches the tap dance performance and enthusiastic running of the dancers; The thoughtfully choreographed rotating flaming and sparks special effect pushes the scene atmosphere to a climax with the inspirational music.


Last chapter

Mystery and fantasy: Develop the largest scale of expression atmosphere through 520 drones: the drone carried fireworks array specially customized the fireworks of love, drawing lines of love letters “Sunrise and sunset are with you” and “Call out I love you in Liuyang” in the clear and beautiful summer night sky.

Especially with the mysterious 360 degree rotating Rubik’s cube stage, each cube is an unknown surprise. Star guests and dancers perform in different cube space. Several types of flaming gears working around and on the top of the Rubik’s cube. The audience experienced the surprise of opening the Rubik’s box.

Imagine that when fireworks and music collide, when the air in the Sky Theater gets fresh, when the song resounds through the summer river, when you meet her in the gorgeous fireworks, even rock become a romantic dream.

SHOWVEN brought 52 units of CIRCLE FLAMER X-F1800 ,12 units of CIRCLE FLAMER X-F3600, 4 units of uFlamer® Volcano, 16 units of SPARKULAR® , 20 units of SPARKULAR® SPIN、4 units of CREEPER ICE PLUS dry ice machine to support Sky Theater for this important Debut, echoing the theme to combine with the stage carrier, generates the attractive stage effect and perfectly interacts with the scene. From first to last, the SHOWVEN combination effects helped to interpret the immersive scene by shocking visual effect, tension and lighting atmosphere.

To support the combination stage work, SHOWVEN used FXcommander™ which is the latest  Professional DMX & Pyro console developed by SHOWVEN team. FXcommander™ can control up to 256 DMX special effect devices, it is compatible with fireworks display to work for large scale shows with special effects and fireworks. The built-in SHOWVEN device database and compatible with all special effect devices support quick custom device editing.

To draw in the sky, To create a city express “love” to the world

Integrate the enthusiastic fireworks city with music and Stage special effects brings an enhanced description. The newly upgraded Liuyang cultural and creative theme park creates a “Romantic New Liuyang City”. Combines viewing, entertainment and experience, it presents the beautiful new image of Liuyang to the world.

The sense of science and technology, artistic perception and entertaining brought by immersive light and shadow are obvious. It enhances the audience’s understanding of the connotation of the show works through creative interaction, and leave a deep memory for a wider dissemination.

SHOWVEN insists on presenting the essence of culture with science and technology, creating the atmosphere with immersion, and bringing the shocking visual experience to the audience in combination with stage art design, lighting and music, supporting the culture brands to create cultural identity, and creating brand-new values in sports, tourism and Stage design.