The FXcommanderTM is designed to be a professional while intuitive control solution for SFX and Pyro engineer, it allows to control all DMX device such as SPARKULAR®, FLAMER, FOG, HAZE, CONFETTI etc. in a safe and professional way. Together with our original slaves it can also programming fireworks display wirelessly. Take advantage of the 10.1 inch capacitance touch screen and powerful software system, it allows FX operators edit a show in a few minutes, everything in the system are intuitively designed, no lighting console operation background needed. Large scale shows with special effects and fireworks can be sync with music precisely through our professional windows software FXcommanderTM_Editor. The FXcommanderTM is setting the safety standard for the special effects control.

FXcommander firmware Download

FXcommander_Editor Download


DIMENSION: 314×270×65mm
INPUT: AC 220V/110V, 50/60 Hz
Casing material: Aluminium
Battery Powered: Yes
Wireless Function:2.4G wireless DMX Dual band wireless PYRO
Interface: 1*USB, 1*USB Download, 1*LAN, 1* Audio Output, 1*MIDI IN, 1*LTC IN, 1* 3-PIN DMX OUT, 1*5-PIN DMX OUT, 1*External Trigger



Features and advantages

Professional DMX&Pyro console
A console for SFX device control and fireworks set off
Customized for SFX operator to control FX device professionally and safely
Next Level Safety for Special Effects Control
Pyro arm switch, DMX arm switch, Deadman button ensure zero false trigger
PANIC – Emergency stop at any time
Safety channel specially designed for SFX device
Dual antenna, ensure fast, stable and reliable PYRO signal transmission
RDMX communication with SHOWVEN device, device status real time monitoring
8 keyboard shortcut key, can set to tap or lock mode, ensure quick and reliable trigger
Intuitive Programming and Operation
10.1″ capacitance touch screen
Presetting device and effect lib for fast programming
5 preset effect rules for easier programming
Easy and fast improvisation programming
Convenient manual pyro firing edit
Demonstration function for programmed show
Scene switch, max. support 4 scenes, each scene support 128 cues
USB port support software update, show file update and backup, device lib update etc.
Variety interfaces: 3-pin and 5-pin DMX, MIDI input, LTC input, Audio Output, USB
Wireless:2.4GHz wireless DMX, dual band wireless PYRO
Battery driven with built in battery
Windows FXcommander_Editor Software can generate project list table, minimize operator’s workload.
Precise Control and Sync with Music
Dual-core processor, smooth operation
MIDI, LTC receiver, support SMPTE time code
Windows FXcommander_Editor Software ensure precise programming
Built-in audio signal output, achieve accurate synchronization between music and effects
Personalized Settings
Multi language optional
Unlimited self-editable colors
User defined CUE icon

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