Why we develop FXcommander?

Special effects are essentials for festivals or events. It makes the atmospheric of events go crazy. Some effects such as flamer, CO2 jet etc which with flames or high pressure etc may cause serious accident if not handled properly. Even those effects are widely used but unfortunately, until now there is still no professional and reliable console to control those SFX devices. This year is the 8th year of SHOWVEN® enter SFX industry, since our first original innovation SPARKULAR® ,safety is always our priority in design our systems. As those years experience in SFX industry, we are more and more aware the importance of the safety control of SFX devices, other than use a lighting console to control it. The FXcommander™ is developed under this background. It integrated our Netherlands partner Mr.Koster’s more than 30 years experience in sfx & pyro business and 4 years focused R&D of our software and hardware team.

What is FXcommander?

FXcommander™ designed to be a professional while intuitive control solution for SFX and Pyro engineer, it allows to control all DMX device such as SPARKULAR® , FLAMER® , FOG, HAZE, CONFETTI etc. in a safe and professional way. Together with our original slaves (under development, will be available shortly) it can also programming fireworks display wirelessly.

FXcommander™ composed of hardware FXcommander™ device and PC software FXcommander™_Editor. For regular control of special effects and pyros or impromptu shows, FXcommander™ device is powerful enough to use alone. For shows which operators want to sync effects with music, FXcommander™_Editor will help a lot.

The FXcommander™ is intuitively designed, no lighting console operation background needed, it allows FX operators edit a show in a few minutes with the standalone unit. Of course for big show with multi FX device and pyros to sync with music, it will take longer time to program the cues.

Features of FXcommander

Safety features

Pyro arm switch, DMX arm switch and Deadman button are the buttons for safety firing, ensure zero false trigger, if you want to fire DMX device, the DMX arm switch must be turned on, for firing of PYRO the Pyro arm switch must on, in auto fire situation, if operator want to firing the programmed show, should first hold the Deadman, then press Fire to activate and firing the show.

Panic button ensure emergency stop at any time.

For SHOWVEN®original special effects gear, FXcommander with RDMX function, all device status such as core temp. for sparkular series machine, pressure for flamer, pressure for SONICBOOM as well as error information etc will feedback to FXcommander™ in real time. Help operator get a clearer view of the device status on the show.

Besides, the software with disable function for the selected gears, for example when the show with CIRCLE FLAMER® , SPARKULAR®  Cyclone, Low fog generator, SONICBOOM® PLUS etc, operator only designed to use CIRCLE FLAMER® at the beginning of the show, while other types of effects need to be used all through the show. In this case, we suggest to disable the CIRCLE FLAMER® after it have been used to minimize the risks from flames.

User friendly features and Powerful functions

FXcommander™ with 10.1 inch capacitance touch screen, which is very convenient for operator, and also together with the device comes a touch pen in the package. The whole system is battery driven, it can work 3-5h without connect to main power for fully charged battery.

There is a 2.4G wireless DMX, achieve wireless control of DMX device such as SHOWVEN uFlamer® , SPARKULAR® II etc.

433M low frequency and 868M high frequency dual band wireless pyro signal, ensure faster, stable and reliable PYRO signal transmission.

FXcommander™_Editor Software can generate project list table, and it with statistic functions which can minimize operator’s workload and very convenient for warehouse to prepare show articles.

Scene switch, max. support 4 scenes, each scene support 128 cues.

8 keyboard cue trigger shortcut key, can set to tap or lock mode, ensure quick and reliable trigger, and very convenient for impromptu performance.

Demonstration functions allows to demo the programmed show on FXcommander™.

Preset device library and effects ensure fast and easy programming, for all SHOWVEN® device, we have built-in program in SHOWVEN®_Lib, for the device customer order from other manufacturer, you can add the device also, once device information are added in the system, it is very easy for future programming.

5 preset effect rules sync firing, left to right, right to left, sides to middle, middle to sides ensure easier effects programming.

Variety interfaces:

Compatible with both 3-pin and 5-pin DMX

MIDI input, LTC input support SMPTE time code signal,

Audio Output achieve accurate synchronization between music and effects.

USB port support software update, show file update and backup, device lib update etc. Windows

Personalization setting functions to define your own FXcommander

FXcommander™ software with multi language optional such as Chinese, English, Spanish, Japanese etc. besides, it is like a minicomputer, you can design the color, icons, style etc all according to your own preferences. So you can always make a specialized FXcommander™ for your own.


Since the launch of FXcommander™, it have been used in several large shows in CHINA. For example in the SKY THEATER show in Liuyang, 52 unit of CIRCLE FLAMER X-F1800, 12 unit of CIRCLE FLAMER X-F3600, 4 unit of uFlamer Volcano, 16 unit of SPARKULAR, 20 unit of SPARKULAR® SPIN and 4 unit of CREEPER ICE PLUS are programmed by a single unit of FXcommander™. Play easier, Play safer. We expect more and more splendid cases with FXcommander™.

For more information about FXcommander™  please feel free to contact us by info@showven.cn or visit our official website www.showven.cn