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CREEPER AQ mini Low Fog Generator

CREEPER AQ mini is the most compact water based low fog generator, it is based on ultrasonic technology, the main consumable is purified water, no need dry ice, ensure it not only environmental friendly, but also more cost effective. It is an ideal choice for small scale events such as night club, wedding, small playhouse etc.


Dimension: 460x300x324mm
Weight: 15kg
Voltage: 200-240V/100-120V, 50/60Hz
Fog Output: 10,000cuft/min
Work power: 2000W
Heating Up Time: Appr. 1-2min
Consumable: FX-M Fog Fluid, Water
Fog fluid tank capacity: 2L
Water tank capacity: 6.5L
Max. Fluid Consumption: Appr.32ml/min
Max. Water Consumption: Appr.250ml/min
Interface: 3-pin XLR
Control: DMX, 2 channels; Remote control


Features and advantages

Water based, no need of dry ice
Molded enclosure, lighter, durable as well as rustless
Compact yet robust fog output
Built-in water tank, support external large water tank
Latest rapid heating technology, 1-2min heating up time
Low-water sensor
Adjustable fog density and fan speed
Patented fog leakage prevention technology, no fog leakage even refill the machine when it is working
2L fluid tank, 6.5L water tank
User friendly LCD control panel
DMX control
Wireless remote control

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