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CREEPER ICE dry ice machine

CREEPER ICE series dry ice machine is a kind of low fog machine based on dry ice, different from other dry ice machine available on market, CREEPER ICE with DMX control, separated water and dry ice reservoir (patents CN201921921757.9), operators can not only control the on/off easily at control desk, but also can adjust the output volume according to requirement. CREEPER ICE can generate dense, billowy clouds of low lying fog with good ground adherence in any venue. Excellent choice for circumstance which need strong ground adhesion fog. Two types of dry ice machine with different output are available from SHOWVEN: CREEPER ICE and CREEPER ICE PLUS.


Dimension: 492 x 584 x 760mm
Weight: 35KG
Voltage: AC220-240V, 50/60Hz  AC100-120V, 50/60Hz
Fuse: Breaker 20A
Work power: 3000W/6000W (230V)            1800W/3600W (120V)
Heating Up Time: Appr. 30min @6000W      Appr. 50min @3600W
Dry Ice Capacity: 15KG
Water Tank Capacity: 55L
DMX-512: YES, 1 channel
Wireless Control :YES
Output Volume Adjustment: 50%-100%
Coverage Area (no wind) :Appr. 500㎡
Consumable: Dry ice, Water
XLR Connectors: 3-PIN and 5-PIN


Features and advantages

Massive fog output, large coverage area with excellent ground adherence
CREEPER ICE can cover about 500m2, the first minute can cover about 250m2.
Robust molded enclosure, exquisite design.
brasion-resistant silent caster, built for complex road conditions.
CREEPER ICE equipped with 75mm casters
Water spray structure design, instead of immerse dry ice into water
Achieve continuous variable fog output control.
No mechanical lifting structure inside, better stability
Fast ON/OFF, timely response to the stage effect requirement
Water tank and dry ice basket separate design, longer dry ice storage in machine
Hidden water tank, safer for operator
Huge water and dry ice reservoir
CREEPER ICE: 55L water reservoir, 15kg dry ice basket
One feeding can support multi time use
Dual/Triple heating system, meet different power supply conditions
CREEPER ICE: 3000W and 6000W switchable
Reserved drainage valve for easier residual water drainage
Weather proof design
Standard DMX control, both 3-PIN and 5-PIN

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