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PyroSlave C16

PyroSlave C16 is light weighted, suitcase style module derived from our PyroSlave series fireworks igniter, it is an affordable 16 cue firing module for small fireworks displays or hobbyist. PyroSlave C16 offers both quickplug and clamp connectors. Each output cue with indicator light to show the status. Can be communicate with Fxcommander or PyroMote in a dual-band wireless or wired way.


Dimension: 295 x 205 x 91 mm
Net Weight: 1.7 kg
Output: 16
Trigger Indicate: RED means firing, GREEN means connected
Address: 256
Control: Dual-band wireless, 2-wire PBUS (communication + charging)
Wireless Range: 600m
Wired Range: 2000m
Firing Voltage: 24V
Firing Current: 5A
Firing Duration: 500ms
Resistance Test: Yes
Battery: 4 * 18650 cell (4.2V, 2500mAh), battery not included
Operation Time: 60h, sleep mode 2 weeks; Wired mode: non-stop
Charging Control: Max. 25 units PyroSlave per PyroAdaptor
Wired Communication: Max. 64 units PyroSlave per PyroAdaptor
Charging Time: Appr. 6h
Minimum Firing Interval: 10ms




Features and advantages

433M and 868M dual-band wireless receivers, excellent anti-signal interference performance
Both quickplug and clamp connectors
Indicator light for each output
Light weighted suitcase for good protection
Wired mode with 2-wire PBUS technology can realize power supply while communicating, ensure continuous working
Wireless mode with 4 wireless channels, 65536 ID. Only when the FXcommander or PyroMote and Slave with the same wireless channel and ID they can communicate. Ensure safe firing
Firing precision 100 firings/s