PyroSlave is a serial fireworks igniter specially designed for pyro technicians and stage special effects professionals. To adapt to extreme outdoor applications, PyroSlave is equipped with robust aluminum housing, touch keys, and metal connection terminals. PyroSlave can be operated both wired and wireless. Wireless mode with dual-band antennas communicate simultaneously, preventing signal interference on a single frequency band. The 2-wire PBUS technology used in wired communication can realize power supply while communicating. There are two models of PyroSlave available X16 and X32.


Dimension: X16: 335 x 165 x 85 mm;X32: 425 x 165 x 85 mm
X16: 3 kg;X32: 4.1kg
X16: 16;X32: 32
Trigger Indicate: LCD display and record
Address: 256 (00 to FF)
Control: Dual-band wireless, 2-wire PBUS (communication + charging)
Wireless Range: 600m
Wired Range: 2000m
Firing Voltage: 24V
Firing Current: 5A
Firing Duration: 500ms
Resistance Test: Yes
Battary: Support 4 * 18650 cell, 4.2V, 2500mAh per piece (battery not included)
Operation Time: 60h, sleep mode 2 weeks; Wired mode: non-stop
Charging Control: Max. 25 units PyroSlave per PyroAdaptor
Wired Communication: Max. 64 units PyroSlave per PyroAdaptor
Charging Time: Appr. 6h
Waterproof Level: IP65
Minimum Firing Interval: 10ms




Features and advantages

Robust aluminum housing and metal connection terminals, waterproof and dustproof as well as prevent the impact of sparks drop from fireworks
Can be operated both wired and wirelessly
Wired mode with 2-wire PBUS technology can realize power supply while communicating, ensure continuous working
Wireless mode with dual band antennas communicate simultaneously, preventing signal interference on a single frequency band
Wireless mode with 4 wireless channels, 65536 ID. Only when FXcommander and Slave with exactly the same wireless channel and ID before they can communicate. Ensure safe firing
Firing precision 100 firings/s
Pyro bridge function of PyroSlave ensure versatile communications, avoid signal obstacles behind big stage
2 * M10 hole convenient for truss installations