Rectangle Paper Confetti

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Rectangle Paper Confetti

From large-scale events in stadiums to small family gatherings, confetti becomes a must for celebrations. China is the raw material supply center and manufacturing center for CONFETTI, We take this advantage by sourcing high quality raw materials, combined with our modernized production facilities and production experiences, aim to provide customers with premium confetti at a reasonable price through our factory direct supply.


Size: 55 x 17 mm
Material: Tissue Paper
Flameproof: Yes, certificate available on request
 Color: Multicolor, White, Pink, Blue, Light blue, Orange, Green, Light green, Yellow, Red. (other colors available on request)
Package: 1kg/bag, 10bags/carton
Carton Size: 510 x 250 x 190mm
Carton Weight: Appr.11kg


Features and advantages

Factory direct supply
Standardized production workshop
High quality
Multi colors and shapes
Flameproof and colorfast
Accept customization