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uFetti Blower

uFetti Blower is a powerful confetti launcher with output up to 18m, equipped with dual fully automatic confetti dosing hopper and can be controlled both manually or automatically by DMX. Take advantage of the customized high-power blower and optimized Venturi tube design, the confetti can be spread farther and wider.


Dimension: 880 x 660 x 1295mm
Weight: 112kg
Input and power: AC200-240V / AC100-120V, 50/60H; 2200W
Confetti Hopper: 2, separate control of each hopper
Hopper Capacity: 2kg paper confetti / hopper *2;  4kg metallic confetti / hopper *2
Consumption Rate: Paper confetti: 0.9kg/min;  Metallic confetti: 1.8kg/min
Interface: 3-pin and 5-pin XLR
Control: Manual, DMX, Wireless DMX (via 5-PIN DMX IN)
Output: Up to 18m
Output Angels: 40°-90° (6 adjustable angles)
Blower Speed Adjustable: Yes (High/Low)
Output Density Adjustable: Yes
LED Warning Light: Yes
Caster: 4 casters with brake


Features and advantages

Up to 18m confetti output
Farther and wider confetti spread with customized high-power blower and optimized Venturi tube design
Dual independently controllable hopper, automatic confetti dosing
Adjustable output density and output angles
Real-time motor running status monitoring
Premium accessories, strong and durable
Multi air inlet structure, machine keeps working even the air inlets on panel are blocked
Rugged design with premium accessories, suitable for touring