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uFetti Shooter

uFetti Shooter is a type of new confetti/streamer shooter working with compressed air, equipped with built-in air compressor and battery (CA12) makes it super easier for stadium applications, together with SHOWVEN PyroSlave series firing system to achieve non interference wireless control, no DMX or power cable are needed. For faster pressurize of the tank, we reserve the external air coupling connector so that operator can use their own air compressor to fill the tank. To meet different output volume request, we developed two models uFetti Shooter CA12 and CA36 with different output capacity.


Dimension: 600 x 560 x 880mm (CA12 with casters);730 x 645 x 880mm (CA36 with casters)
Net Weight: 75kg (CA12) / 90kg (CA36)
Voltage: AC100-240V, 50/60Hz
Work Power: 180W (CA12) / 220W (CA36)
Confetti Pipe Capacity: 5L (CA12) / 10L (CA36)
Interface: 3-pin and 5-pin XLR, PowerCON TRUE 1
E-stop Connector: YES, can be connected in series
Output : CA12: Up to 43m (20m*5cm streamer), up to 22m (confetti);CA36: Up to 45m (20m*5cm streamer), up to 22m (metallic confetti)
Output Angels: -27°-41° (12 adjustable angles)
18650 Battery Powered Design: Yes (CA12), NO (CA36)
Pressure Tank Volume: 12L (CA12) / 36L (CA36)
External Air Compressor Connetor: Yes
Caster: 4 casters with brake
Valve Size: 2.5 inch (CA12), 3 inch (CA36)

uFetti Shooter USER MANUAL Download



Features and advantages

Upto 43m (CA12) / 45m (CA36) streamers output with full loading
PED certified tank
Built-in air compressor with external air coupling connector available
True wireless, 18650 battery powered system (CA12)
Durable stainless steel tank, launch pipe and connectors
Multi safety configurations: cascadable power cut-off E-stop connector, ARM indicator light, safety switch etc.
Touch screen
3-PIN, 5-PIN DMX and 24V pyro signal port
Adjustable pressure upto 8bar
Digital and mechanical pressure display
5L (CA12) / 10L (CA36) large capacity stainless steel launch pipe with self locking coupler