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Flame Head – uFlamer® PF10

SHOWVEN FLAME SYSTEM is a hydraulic based flame effect solution for project or truss mounted installations. It is consist of flame head, pump station, control box and accessories such as hoses, cables etc. It can easily achieve remote fuel supply with the pump station and no nitrogen tank needed. Any installation direction of flame heads brings endless design inspiration to event planners. In order to meet the requirements of different application scenarios we designed two pump station (uPumper® P20 and uPumper® P4) and two flame heads (uFlamer®PF10 and uFlamer® X1800).


Dimension:250 x 200 x 410 mm
Net Weight:15 kg
Housing material:Aluminum
Input:220V, 110V, 24V customizable
Work power:120W
Flame height:Up to 10m
Fuel consumption: 60ml/s (Nozzle M), 30ml/s (Nozzle L)
Ignition: Dual, high voltage electron ignition
Control: DMX, Direct ON-OFF customizable
Quick Couplers: ISO7241B G1/4 male
Work pressure range: 8-12bar
Installation angles: Any direction even upside down
Category: FLAMER


Features and advantages

IP67 rated waterproof for fixed outdoor installtions
Dual solenoid valve for extra safety
Dual igniter ensure successful ignition
Oxidation treated housing, durable for outdoor installation
Highlight digital tube display convenient for remote debugging
Aluminum CNC machining structure
Built-in accumulator
Infrared remote control realizes non-contact setting
DMX / direct ON-OFF control customizable
220V, 110V, 24V etc. voltage customizable

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