Whether in concerts, variety shows, or some large-scale party activities, we can see spectacular fireworks or gorgeous lights to decorate the stage and create a live stage atmosphere. In the 21st century, there are many kinds of stage equipment, especially the appearance of sparkular machine, which becomes more and more popular used in stage to replaced the traditional fireworks performance and created a more convenient and tremendous stage effect.

What is a Sparkular machine?

 Sparkular machine is one of the best stage equipment to create effect and atmosphere for the stage. Sparkular for sale is a piece of fully automatic stage equipment with a built-in automatic air compressor and no need for an external pressure tank, which makes the setting easier and the usage less limited. Sparkular can produce an excellent sparkle effect, but it is safer and more environmentally friendly than traditional fireworks and stage fountains.

Working principle of Sparkular machine

Traditional fireworks use gunpowder and explosive principle, generate lots of heat and even flames at the bottom of firing nozzle, which makes the fireworks set off a significant security risk. In contrast, the sparkular machine use only safe metal powder to create spark effect. Sparkular machines can achieve a brilliant sparkle effect by heating granulated fx powder. Sparkular complies with health and safety regulations. In addition, the temperature of sparkular are always protected by itself with multi temp. sensors equipped inside the machine. Whenever the temp. exceed the setting protection temp. the machine will protect itself by stop heating automatically. You don’t have to worry about the damage to the sparkular machine caused by heat after long-time use.

Benefits of sparkular machine

Compared with traditional fireworks, sparkular machine is safer, more environmentally friendly, easier to operate and recyclable. Sparkular jet is another brand new effect originally invented by SHOWVEN. It generates a flashing sparkular affect up to 10m, with similar effects as mines. Built-in automatic air compressor, no external pressure tank needed, make it easier for setup and fewer usage restrictions.

SHOWVEN sparkular jet has a stainless steel shell design, and its adjustable spark effect height can reach 10 meters. This sparkular jet’s flashing sparkular effect is similar to 1s fountain fireworks. This sparkular for sale has a built-in pressure sensor and safety valve, giving the machine double safety protection. SHOWVEN sparkular jet supports DMX control, which is convenient and straightforward to set up and install.

How to choose the appropriate Sparkular machine? 

Since the introduce of SPARKULAR by SHOWVEN in 2016, now there are lot of copy cats on the market, in order to minimize the cost, lots of those fake product are choose poor quality materials. So whenever you want order a good quality as well as guaranteed SPARKULAR please always contact SHOWVEN or showven authorized distributors.

In order to meet different performance requirement, now SHOWVEN also launched 10 different models of SPARKULAR machine. The cold spark effect height range from 2-10m. SPAKULAR mini is designed for small indoor events, such as wedding etc. which with limited budget. Multi nozzles model such as SPARKULAR SPIN, SPARKULAR TRIPLE, Fireworks waterfall effect SPARKULAR FALL, SPARKULAR miniFALL. Wireless version support with battery, SPARKULAR mini + SPARKULAR PORTABLE PACK. Waterproof sparkular IP65 waterproof version SPARKULAR PRO, designed for fixed installations. And the latest new tech. SPARKULAR JET.


SHOWVEN is an innovation driven company, it is the founder of SPARKULAR technology. With 6 years development, and hard working of 20+ R&D team, now we have obtained 100+ patents in China, 8 PCT patents internationally. 1 United States invention patents, 1 EU invention patents. It is the national high-tech enterprise. Now SHOWVEN owns 34000 square meters self-owned industrial park, which will surely guarantee the timely delivery and higher quality after sales service etc added values for our valued global partners.